Time To Pay Attention?

The poor beaten-up mineral exploration sector has been drowning in the tears of its fans [speculators all] as financings have been directed to sexier sectors like cannabis, blockchain, and whatever.

Those diversifications have proven to be rewarding and a few will continue to be [e-sports is at the top of the list], but we are finally seeing the stirrings of what it takes to have fun in minex.

At VRIC2019, we heard the same old mantras:

“A rising tide floats all boats”


“We need some discoveries”


“The price of gold has to go up”

For the first time in years, we may have the right combination of factors to give us the market we have been hoping for:

Lots of money sitting on the sidelines, volatile moves to the upside in the prices of gold and silver, and positive news from companies that have worked hard to keep going in tough times.

Let’s look at a few of the latter: Sabina (SBB); and Silvercrest (SIL), which just keeps getting better and better; and Goldsource Mines (GXS), which is announcing some excellent results.

The answer to the headline is “YES”.

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