Purity of Heart Produces The Strength of Ten

A month ago, my wife informed me she wanted to pick her own stocks. Then she got into Beyond Meat [BYND] on the first day of trading, not necessarily for investment purposes but because she insisted on showing her support for the company.

What can I say? I’ll leave it to her. Here is an excerpt of what she wrote to some friends and connections in her animal rescue world:

“A number of us have been focusing on the changing revolution that is happening in food production. Although there have been some vegan and vegetarian products available in Canada for years, it was very low key and not at all mainstream. The media has really picked up on the successful launch of “Beyond Meat’ and suddenly the marketplace seems to have exploded with news of all sorts of companies wanting to have plant-based alternatives to meat. The grocery store retailers and buyers have been slow to recognize the growing trend for the last 5 – 10 years and have been caught by surprise with the demand for plant-based items as opposed to meat. Certainly, the beef and dairy producers were a bit under pressure the last few years with declining sales due to the introduction of soy-based products but I don’t think the meat industry was expecting a tsunami this big for the move away from meat.

With the widespread publicity of emphasizing multiple benefits from plant-based meat’ substitutes, the public has been educated quickly about how much large scale animal agriculture is depleting our resources, how plant-based is healthier without the antibiotics and GMO’s that are typically found in meat products, and how much cruelty is going on in factory farming and slaughterhouses of big animal agriculture. Almost daily there are several news stories about the ‘food revolution’ that is taking place – and people are noticing. It’s a current topic on many people’s minds.”

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