Who Should Be Interested In Market Scam[s] Of The Year?

Yes, we’re talking the BridgeMark Group and who should be interested:
For starters, those who bought into the private placements of the companies involved and those who owned or bought shares in the companies involved. It would be a good idea to contact Paul Bennett pb@hbmlaw.com 604-639-3668 as he is launching a class action suit

Next we have a veritable alphabet soup including BCSC, CSE, TSXV, CPABC, BCREA, CNV, CRA
A comment on each:

#BCSC [BC Securities Commission]: highly motivated, but operating under certain limitations. See my post of 26 June 2019.
#CSE [Canadian Securities Exchange] and #TSXV [Toronto Venture Exchange]: highly motivated to oust the crooks and the dummies who enabled them.
#CPABC [Chartered Public Accountants of BC]: should be extremely interested in helping weed out its members who played key roles in this scam and have put the profession in disrepute, but so far apparently has been doing nothing (in hopes that the scandal will go away?). Weak move, or lack of move. Disclosure: I am a CPA, CA.
#BCREA [BC Real Estate Association]: not sure if it has done anything yet.
#CNV [City of North Vancouver]: Its ex-Chief Administrative Officer, [Ken Tollstam, CPA, CA], was in the thick of things and working as CEO or CFO of several of the miscreant companies while still ostensibly working full-time at the CNV. I wonder what computer[s] he was using?
#CRA [Canada Revenue Agency]: haven’t heard anything yet, but the chances of generating some lucrative recoveries should mean it won’t stay on the sidelines forever.
#BC Civil Forfeiture Office: it is already involved as you can read in one of the links in the summary below.

There’s an excellent summary of the goings-on here
https://www.nsnews.com/search-results-7.6424?q=bridgemark with multiple links.  Thanks to the North Shore News!

The most active parties at the moment appear to be the various and numerous lawyers who have taken on the task of somehow enabling their clients to escape the consequences of their actions. Party on, and charge your clients a fortune. Just remember to collect now while they can afford to pay you.

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