So Much Fun!

I thought I might get out of the active side of the mineral exploration business when I optioned out the last of my really good properties earlier this fall. #177.

Good luck with that!

I have teamed up with an expert geologist, newly retired from the BLM, who has identified three targets in Mohave County, Arizona, that have to be worked on.

There’s gold and more in them thar hills, and he’s had plenty of time to find the best prospects.

In no particular order, except they have to be listed:

1) An epithermal, low-sulfide disseminated gold target located along an extensive fracture break.

2) An intermediate sulfide vein gold-silver deposit with a strike length exceeding one mile.

3) A possible Cu-Au-Mo porphyry deposit in an area that is acknowledged elephant territory.

These properties are all early stage, so we’re going to be wanting to see work commitments in addition to lease option payments. The only deals we will be doing will be win-win, so rest assured that sincere expressions of interest from qualified companies will be treated with enthusiasm and respect.

A word of caution on target # 3: it’s big and will need a lot of work, and will be priced accordingly.

Better an email to than a phone call to 778-991-1267 but I will be happy to receive either one.

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