Enough Already!

To all the “experts” who incessantly rant about buying gold or bitcoin or whatever: STFU.

In case you have been so preoccupied with your “expertise” that you don’t recognize the acronym, it means Shut The Fuck Up.

All the bullshit headlines you use to try to attract attention are pathetic. Grow up, and invest for yourself – quietly. And quit trying to get other people to buy your advice.

“Here’s Joe Blow, who has called every trip and dip in the markets since the turn of the century. The average gain on everything he has recommended is 1497.5%.” Really?! Now this bullshit billionaire will sell you his advice for the not-so-paltry sum of $499 (USD, of course). What does he need the money for? To pay rent? margin calls? or what?

At the very most, all we might like to see is your complete unexpurgated portfolio published once a month. That information will allow each of us, as individuals, to judge whether you are blowhard morons or not.

In interesting times, like we are in today, your bullshit is spreading faster than covid-19. Stop!

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