Statistics Don’t Lie

How and why are doctors and politicians coming up with the covid statements and policies we are hearing incessantly? Look at the big chart: [world totals to 17 May 2021]

Cases: 164,061,550 (100.%) 
That amount is a large sample that neutralizes almost all the anomalies/errors/misstatements that can affect a smaller data set.

Resolved  147,253,867 (89.76%)  This number means just over 10% of all cases have yet to be resolved.

How were the  147,253,867 (89.76%) resolved?   

by recovery  143,854,618 (97.69% of the total resolved)          

by death  3,399,249 (2.31% of the total resolved)

Unresolved cases today: 16,807,683 

We don’t know what could happen to these cases BUT only 102,048 are considered “Serious/Critical”.  The rest are people who have tested positive but are not requiring critical care.

102,048 represents 0.0061% of all known cases.  All of them are not guaranteed to die.  Even if all of them did, the percentage of deaths would be 0.0061% of those known to be covid-positive. 

The percentage of deaths in the first 100,000,000 cases was approximately 3.5%. At that point, the number of “Serious/Critical” cases represented approximately the same percentage as it does today (somewhere in the 0.005 to 0.006 range).

Gene therapy [aka Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, and Astra Zeneca “vaccines”] has done nothing to vary the numbers significantly since it started sometime after the 100,000,000 mark had been reached.

Some enterprising person[s] should have, and still could, mix a batch of Vitamins C and D along with some zinc and market it as a “preventative just as effective as ‘vaccines’ and safer and less painful”.

The main potential problem I see with that idea is it could be fatal once big pharma and big gov figured out who was disrupting their fun.

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