Looks Like The Fun Is Beginning

After years of hearing all the bullshit about ‘gold being manipulated’; ‘gold must go up because it’s got a mind of its own’; ‘gold is money’; ‘gold must go up because the charts say so’; etc, here’s the reality today:

It appears that the trade ‘wars’ involving or potentially involving the world’s four largest economies are being converted to currency wars. That fact, along with the volatility associated with the oil price due to the war on it by environmentalists and the effects of actual nation-vs-nation tensions that may become war, makes me think that gold is going UP.

UP, as in the price of the real stuff, the price of the shares of those that produce, and even the price of shares of some that explore.

Don’t ask me how high, but don’t observe from the sidelines and then moan that you missed the boat.